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Makeup Artist Liren Neo have received alot of sastified customers review!
Do check out the some of the reviews and testimonials videos recorded LIVE after Liren's makeup service.
Do check out the some of the reviews and testimonials sent via sms too.
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Here are a list of other testimonials sent from satisfied customers

Liren! Your make up won me alot of compliments! All my friends love it! Xoxo!! And amazingly even under the hot sun, my make up stays perfectly intact till night ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
Hi Liren!! Thanx so much!! I am sooo excited to have you for my make up n hairdo!! The moment I saw u, I knew i can have a peace if mind!! My mum will love u for sure! \(^ o^)/
Ooh my mum is now w Doris! She looove her!! N n n omg!! she is pretty like u
(^ o ^)//
My mum definitely look so much younger!! This photo is captured by my Photoshop haha
It has been a week already! My relatives are still complimenting that yr makeup makes her look like those hongkong movie taitai..that's what my mum told me yesterday :)))
Hi Liren
Both Harry & I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful art and your fantastic service.
We love what you created for me!
We are really impressed by your dedication to your craft, and most of all you sincerity and warmth.
I felt very comfortable with you right (and Yuki too) from the start, and I think it’s because you speak and work right from your heart.
We are also in the service industry and hence can see and appreciate true genuine interest in one’s work and doing one’s best.
You take immense effort to make your customers look and feel beautiful especially on their special day.
You are also very generous to share beauty and health tips too.
I took your advice to use more facial toner, and go light on the serum. I can see improvements in my skin already! Thank you!!!!!
I also appreciate you going beyond expectation and your service, by giving my husband Harry a nice hairdo (he really loves it, says it makes him look young again, and talks about it all day, and the next few days too!), and prepping his under-eyes; plus painting my nails too.
We will definitely recommend your wonderful expertise and service, to our friends, as well as to our Clients in our line of work handling corporate events.
Please let’s keep in touch and Best Wishes to you and your business!
Hello Liren,
Thanks alot for all your special service to my family members & sepecially me. Until today whenever i look through my photos i'm always thinking that how lucky i am to have found you & to have decide in you being my MUA. You've doll me up to be a princess that day and without you i will never be so pretty. See attached photo, how fortunate i am & how happy i am. hehe... Thank you a million times once again :)
Hope to see u soon or contact you if i have any functions or events to attend
And I will definately recommend you to anyone who will be in need of MUA
Dear Liren,
Thank you so much for your help last Thursday!
Thanks for giving me so much suggestions on how to spice up my bridal gown.
You have managed to transform the gown so differently! My guests thought it was 2 different gowns!
I have received so many compliments from my guests! They feel that you have given me many different looks which complement my different gowns! Thanks for making me look unique!
I love the styles that you gave me!
Morning was elegant and sweet.
1st march in was Va Va Voom.
2nd march in was princessy.
Love these looks!
I will greatly recommend you to my friends!
Hi Liren.....
Thanks a lot for your creations on my wedding day. My guests were so impressed that i had 2 very different looks in such a short time. Hmmm..i was stunned by the Tiara look ....never imagine i can take that and the oriental look with my qipao was simply fabulous..!!!
Thanks again and keep in touch..
Hi Liren, Thank you very much for make me become a beautiful bride and my hubby become handsome bride's groom on our ROM day.
Dear Liren,

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help in making me so beautiful and stunning (you word - I reckon it was true eventually) a week ago!

I was the second (next to my bride, my daughter) on the night. I saw in the eyes of the people (including waitresses) that I was really stunning!

Well, the one and only thing that made me really unconfortabel was my ex trying to come close to me the whole night! But I know that was because I was too beautiful to resist....hahaha

Thanks so much Liren, for putting all your heart in making this night an unforgettable one for me and my family.

One additonal thing to mention is : my husband is so impressed (still talking about it every now and then since last week!) with your skills and dedication toward your clients. He reckons I was so blessed to have found you.

As for me, million of thanks are not enough to express my appreciation!

I will surely look for you (in advance - I know!), whenever I have a chance when I return to Singapore.

Wishing you all success and satisfaction in all your are doing!! You deserve it!!
Thanks again my beautiful artist!!
hugs and love from Sydney
Dear Liren,
Thanks a million for the fab job u did for us, love the casual shoot, wedding day and night make-up. You are amazing and made us feel relaxed and looked wonderful. Everybody commented on yr Great work!!)) You do perform miracle.
大家一直稱讚,u really have MAGIC!!! Love u haha
Thank you Liren! You're awesome, you make me the centre attraction last evening. Half of my offices could not recognise me! Both my bosses were so proud of me, kept introducing me to their associates and mentioning my name umpteen times on stage.
Thanks Liren for your professional help n service yesterday. We really appreciate you going the extra mile to freshen up the groom n my mum. We will definitely highly recommend u to our frens n relatives should they need ur help. Great team, awesome job!
Hi liren thank you for ur beautiful make up for my actual day.i love all different images n you are really a master. Xie xie ni!
hey Liren
A warm good morning to you!
I'm writing to u to say thanks alot for e amazing makeup & hair..Got lot of constructive feedbks from frens & relatives
that u've done an amazing job...I genuinely appreciated ya professionalism & creativity ....
Hi Liren really ought to say a BIG THANK YOU 2u. I simply cant bear to remove my make-up i feel so damn swee lor :) u gave me a wonderful evening with loads of praises n admiration. I never felt this amazing. I may be fat but all those lovely praises made me feel so light.. haha thks for ur pair of miracle hands n ur professionalism. I wouldnt hesitate recommending u to my friends. Wishing u a properous year ahead and may all ur days be beautiful :)
Dear Liren, thanks for all the help from ur team! It is very much appreciated. :))
Merry Christmas!!! Hohoho...
Dear Liren
Sincerely thanks for changing me to another person tonight.. Will recommend your services to my friends
Hi Liren. Thank you for styling my mum till so pretty. Many of our relative and my friend say she is SO BEAUTIFUL . Thank you thank you.
Liren, thanks for the wonderful hairdo n make up. Hairdo n makeup went wif the dress n look beautifully at dnd last nite. Thank
Hi Liren, thanks for the professional makeover. It really made me standout in the d&d. Many people praised that I looked v different n very pretty. Will definitely engage u again n recommend u to my friends. Thanks alot.
Hello liren, thank u so much for d make up. I love it. Simple n elegant :-). With your magic hands, You have transformed my small eyes to sparkling wide ones. :-)
Hi Liren, tks for e makeup! We'v enjoy our day and everyone's comments was gd. We reli like it. Once e pic is developed I'll let put up on friendster and show u. Tks once again. Keep in contact!
Hi Liren, Thanks a lot for ur help to make me look so pretty during my ROM. U really done a great job. We are too rush on that day and forgot to take a picture with u, so pity. Anyway, nice to meet u and thanks :-) hope we have chance to meet again. All the best :-)
hihi... Liren Thanks heaps for ur excellent makeup skills and styling. Earned alots of praises... A greats thanks to you for turning me to a beautiful bride... Take care.. Will sure to recommend you to all my friends.
Hi LiRen thanks for e make up last sat. My rom went smoothly and very successful. Cheers. Both mi and Keith agreed you are very very professional o!:-
hey liren,cant thank u enough,my mum received many compliments tt nite under ur magic!
Pls tell liren that yesterday she made me so pretty that I am like super star. Everyone say "whoa" "oh my god" or "gorgeous" and I just stood there to take keep taking photos.
All my biggest boss come to me and wanna take pic with me
Please thank her:) its a success lor!
Thanks v mch for the great job liren. My mom liked her hair n makeup v much:) shall call u again for makeup soon:)
Hi liren, just want to say thank you for your help on my wedding day. Everyone said my sister and i looked wonderful. Take care and we will recommend you to all our friends.
Hi Liren thanks for making me n my mom so beautiful last nite :) u r fantastic!.
Halo Liren, wanna thank u for making me into a pretty bride today. Appreciate it. :-)
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